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in his first personal Dior show meeting launched

In 1947, in his first personal Dior show meeting launched "corolla" series of fashion, blockbuster. Female people crazy, "corolla" series has soft shoulder line, slim sleeve type, waist to build framework highlights of slender waist bosom curve contrast, long and wide crus skirt is placed, use a large quantity of cloth to mold the fruity fluent line, and with circular hats, gloves, color filar socks and long fine with high heels to wait adorn article builds a very fine beautiful women atmosphere. Christian Louboutin OutletA dress that 22.8 m with off even 73 meters of cloth! For this in world war ii has been used to "set limit to rationing" of the people, it is surprisingly costly. For 1947 years the left Dior NEWLOOK right this year left for work GALLIANO GALLIANO work this year joined the Spanish amorous feelings of the NEWLOOK, right for 1947 years the NEW LOOKDior Dior most classic NEWLOOK version (left to right for 1947 years, the NEW paragraph) "I have is a description of the women spend" this was born in France the Normandy granville design masters so evaluation, his this kind of style is critics card mayer-snow called "NEWLOOK" (NEW face). This is the second time after the end of world war ii the most important design, influence as long as 10 years time. By its influence, the whole world of fashion design are on the different development direction. If not the NewLook Dior, in the second world war by a Paris fashion, won't do that quickly resume production, more can't immediately restore "world fashion" of the envy people status. Yves Saint Laurent and last month to the famous Italian who had died Gianfranco Ferre fashion designer and was in charge of all design Dior brand. It is because of JohnGalliano master exaggerated fashion design, and brand perfume, cosmetics, to the attention of the jewelry, accessories, making the Dior group initially a little French fashion brand into a global is advanced female fashion the spokesperson for the British top design great master JohnGalliano (John-Gary jarno) in Paris the backdrop of the aura of Versailles, held a magnificent-years of qiu dong fashion works fashion party to celebrate he served as chief designer 10 anniversary of Dior. The fashion designers design inspiration comes from impressionist and modern art.
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Famous film star to show KateHudson last appeared a chest have h

Famous film star to show KateHudson last appeared a chest have halcyon green skirt outfit said the embroidery hearty praise. In this fashion party of hundreds of guests, we also see the famous Spanish director PedroAlmodovar and the American director Sofia Coppola. Classic paintings T stage including fashion show in a the Andalusia (southern Spain) folk music background sounds, model people the facial makeup will white, Picasso rediscover the clown (Arlequin) ", Christian Louboutin ShoesToulouse-Lautrec (figure spent-always tired g) "pulls ancient lu (LaGouloue)" in character models, the latter is of creative inspiration, taken from a moulin rouge hostess body. Mark of Picasso's NEWLOOK of dress inspiration from the froude tired grams of "moulin rouge" inspiration from the Picasso's "clown" "John has Mr. Dior and similar design talents, this also is my ten years he has been promising, choose his cause," the President of LVMH, Dior brand owners BernardArnault sir said. "He focused on fair maiden wind, melts the romantic, and at the same time, both modernity, and exaggerated... Mr. ChristianDior is art innovative in the 1950 s, he is a design against the traditional, today, John design looks back to the classic, as at the beginning of Picasso." John Galliano has designed one of a big waist ornament of rose, and the narrow shoulders en white satin skirt outfit, was at the time of fashionable bound for the essence of Dior against Mr Concept. And today, he traditional classical design let people back again fathers brought forth the design great master lasting appeal and luster.
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2011 summer heat black leather high-heeled shoes new female sand

2011 summer heat black leather high-heeled shoes new female sandals

[health] with salt wash the apple more clean according to the life times "report, remove the skin of wax, must not peeling. The quality of a material of wax soft, with towel gourd; also can rub off. The tiny salt particles, when the rubbing wax removal of the fruit pulp more radical than towel gourd effect. Often drink wine can not only beauty to raise colour, still can benefit spirit appetizers, ShuJinHuoXie, rich in wine of antioxidants, can delay the ageing of the cells. Editor takeaway: the wedding from the complicated social

relationship, there are always some people is a wedding reception of the existence of embarrassment. In addition to sensitive "history", is an invitation to the price being paid to is not welcome. "Mr. J P view 】 > hide but wedding season- - - - - - - - up to the prince star, down to the common people, like in the spring complete life event. Invitations may fly, the wedding would be a week you keep the social project? > > royal wedding told "betrayed" yesterday, by global 2 billion onlookers royal wedding finally ending. Two new old love even have illicit drugs relatives invitation, and a series of political celebrity has been rejected, it may be said: smokers don't invite invite former prime minister, please former girlfriend don't please Obama. Mr. J P comment on: now that the British royal family says the prince of marriage "private wedding", so guests invited when adhering to the "human yourselves, politicians pull over" the principle is not surprising. > > "remain female" this spring success to marry older senior entertainment "remain female" in spring in the rabbit in wedding season. Recently, Patty married in Bali; Stefanie sun, big S, LinXiLei...... Also have reported the marriage inquiry. Mr. J P comment on: the entertainment circle wedding couple and guest not only be concerned, the amusement that has always been to diverge, and monitoring the both sides of the new old love your reaction, a way to between, entertainment particularly lively. > > you are "send money the boy"? Operate the wedding hard everybody knows everything, new DaCaoDaBan is to give new life to a grand began, but also have someone wide hair negotiable invitations, will the wedding as "into wealth" method. Mr. J P comment on: no contact for many years old classmate, quit already a long time of the old colleague, making a change from years of subordinate invitations, you mostly was as "send money the boy" look at it. Whether to attend, red envelope multiple, still are balance and make a decision. > doesn't hurt the former girlfriend- - - - - - - - not everyone has a prince William "a old love" generosity, not to attend the wedding of his former girlfriend and was mentioned, in addition, what other occasions than friend's wedding easier to meet former girlfriend? > > by her song "things do change to how to sing again? "Even if meet again, mature performance, as no see". If you believe that, it is the former girlfriend of the bottom of the box's invitations. More someone proposed "see red envelope no one"--but this act of generosity to belong to raise attitude painstakingly, in this not for mandatory requirements. > > dare to face true man if you have the courage to face full of gloomy life, sure will not get drunk, make disqualified move, so can attend wedding, to truly wish. For those who for a variety of reasons not to the red carpet of former lovers, want "sixty years later, I wish can recognize you children", meet her husband wedding or very be necessary.

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2011 this summer GUCCI16 cm high, launched with sandals

2011 this summer GUCCI16 cm high, launched with sandals

This summer's GUCCI shoes, carry out 16 meter with, deng top can breath grow so much, let a person do not echocardiography also difficult, women should really thank invention of high-heeled shoes, completely solve the height, legs, and long is a matter of proportions, as long as the pad high-heeled shoes, can have is graceful and slender figure. Maybe as women designers, so know more about "high even higher" don't meet mentality. Snakeskin wedge GUCCI shoes with single expensive gas and leisurely mood after the chilly winter began after the warm of early spring always let stylist filled with holiday mood, also let timing to enter autumn of we, temporarily forget all those heavy clothes, to take a vacation early ocean. Sheep vamp just like the ship weave the GUCCI early spring series of Marine related to the use and elements, like the cable, tortoise, and so on, even on the shoe money also can see, such as the knot of vamp, decorated with fine fine tortoise beside pattern, the tassel and the combination of the wedge is easy to a carefree. Put on charming shoes, early next spring's happy travel plans.

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Red soled shoes exclusive Louboutin Yves Saint Laurent

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In the early 90 century on, women heel has developed to the extreme, progressive and classical style in between, designers are in the heart of sorrow sleepy. One afternoon, Chris, Lu Bhutto ( Christian Louboutin ) also look at female assistant to toe with red nail polish trance, a sudden burst of inspiration:" why can't we make soles painted red?" This led to a powerful and unconstrained style fancy vistas of fashion products saint -- red sole shoes. " The red shoes like shoes coated with lipstick, people do not consciously want to kiss, coupled with his toe, is sexy." Andrew Bhutto once excited memories invention red shoes experience.

But now, his mood may not be so good. Recently a paragraph of time to raise a Babel of criticism of "the red shoes " dispute also had no results results.

A few months ago, the red soles for signs of Christian Louboutin company, see competitors Yves Saint Laurent ( Yves Saint Laurent ) is located in Manhattan 's stores also sell red sole shoes, with " illicit competition" and" trademark infringement" the name of the latter one paper on the court.

But recently, the United States federal court rejected Louboutin suit, that red soles has its features, but not considered exclusive of all "brand".

Federal judge Victor Murray, said: "given in the fashion industry, color with beautiful decoration function, for competitive play a decisive role, the court believed that Louboutin hard to prove the red soles should be subject to trademark protection."

The judge thinks, Louboutin did not provide enough evidence to prove that the Yves Saint Laurent violations " red sole trademark", so the requirements of the latter will red shoes from the windows down and pay $1000000 in compensation for not supporting.

Louboutin company lawyer Harry Levin said, Louboutin and his company to" the verdict of the court was very disappointed," and is" all possible countermeasure research", but he did not disclose specific details.

He also believes that," although the judge accepted Louboutin red shoes is very famous, as everyone knows, but he seems to think in the fashion industry, it is best not to single color used for registered trademark".

The lawyer points out, the EU internal market unified Department has recently approved Louboutin red shoes" registered trademark".

Harry Levin thinks, red sole begins to appear from 1992," it helps all immediately recognize the Louboutin design, but this brand in 2008 has been registered in the United states".

Many celebrities on Louboutin red shoes shoes like plus, especially the singer Jennifer Lopes also made a song called" MTV Louboutins". In addition, Louboutin shoes also appeared in the movie" sex and the city 2".

Of course, Yves Saint Laurent wasn't the only Christian Louboutin accused brand. Brazil brand Carmen Steffens in Paris store opened in the near future, received a Louboutin letters, accusing it of the design of products using the red soles.


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